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Folklore – Folk Science

Public? Science? Folklore? What is Folklore?

Public; who speak the same language, living habits similar to each other with their traditions and customs connected relations, first as a homogeneous society, it’s a common history.

Science, society, the existence of the thing in time relationship with the environment arising from the goods and material and spiritual lives around anonymous karekterli created and the system has all kinds of institutions.

Folklore: folk culture belongs to a community’s financial needs required to investigate the spiritual culture and relevant in order to determine that the objectives of gelenel results and determines the rules. Şöyleki; folkorun aim thousands of people since a year and brought the accumulated and their continued life and the people of today between the layers of information in researching, reviewing and evaluating the regional culture, national cultures of the items imported by them and thus strengthen the culture of humanity to contribute. There are two main elements within the scope of folklore:

1. Material Culture of Life: Material life event approach to the element of society tabiyat her possession tabiyatla struggle and the fight to take advantage of him in the primitive technology, science and science anlaşımaktadır. Obtained the information for the material life of the father to son, from master to apprentice, and ear to ear, from generation to generation by transferring assets to continue as crops are anonymous.

2. Culture Spiritual Life: Spiritual life regards the time element is the folklore traditions denilebilir science. From generation to generation in a community because of the cultural heritage of habits, knowledge, customs and traditions with the whole concept of behavior is in

Folklore description: material and spiritual culture of the population depends on traditional methods with its own compiler, which investigated the class where, on analysis and evaluation of folk culture is not a science.

Review of the Field of Folklore: Folklore is the study of folk culture. According to political and ideological views of people of different concepts are evaluated. According to the social and cultural characteristics of people Folklorcu common is the human community. Usually, an event or a cultural product can be considered folklore material must have the following specs:

* Ring is owned
* Be based on oral tradition
* Anonymous olmasıı
* Generation from generation, to be spread through the community ttoplumda
* It is common on a geography
* If you have a history of tradition
* Generated in a process of unconscious
* Generality feature does not move


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