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Posted by Kuleva on June 16, 2009

Directly and almost the most popular wind instrument of the most common
zoom into the family, as a whole is not separated by the drum.

An instrument called the”zoom in”Old Turks use was known. At the beginning of words in Turkish (Z) is the volume, zoom in to the word (Z) is a reflection of the letter indicates. Russia and the Caucasus, this instrument is to define the zoom. Chinese SU-NA””derler.

Dede Korkut zurnacı in the story and discusses nakkare. XIV. yy. A war against soldiers in the brain matter in the Aegean, with the drum against Zuma corruption of the party’s nerve and win the war is the historical record. But Zuma and the word is Turkish, Farsi (the mountain) and nay (reed, pipe) by merging the word has occurred.

In the strict interpretation of the Burhan-Asim Efendi of Zurna are said to be Persian. However, with the”to”zur”roots”of attachment has occurred. Zur root is nothing but the sound imitation.

The name of Islam before I.yy.da zurna yurağ or yerağ”was”. Dense and high-frequency sound of the zurna have become the instrument of our rooms feature the instrument was field instead. From the beginning, at least until time to change our instruments have been afflicted. The time of the Ottoman Empire in the war a sort of palace guard and national bands as was the amount. For many years, with drums, especially the music meets the needs of Turkish villagers were.

Some mosquitoes rush”to understand, understand to zoom little drum, zurna Turkish phrases like”not in the overture, and forget not made more of our instrument.

Zurna’s structure:
Zurna used in the construction of the most palatable trees decidir plum tree. Besides this is cherry and made from zerdali.

One of the top six and bottom holes are located in 7 holes. Moreover, the front of the mouth region zurna (gin, or the devil) holes are called holes. These grains 6 and threes, or is mutual.

Sections of Zurna

A. Lüle: This throttle lock as it is said,”is called”My Etem”or”mete. Been passed into part of Zurna nezik made from wood or mineral is a sleeve. This is the sleeve of silver from silver cord still attached to their ends and the neck ring of the zurna. Just like a water pipe mouth Etem, zoom to the play is one of those tools is very important. Silver cord attached to ensure that equipment is lost.

B. Nezik: Zurna part of the tree made from a tree in different colors and is mounted part. By the forces of the mouth to crack this zurna helps. If necessary, can be removed at any time nezik Etem required. This individual will also provide the housing. Some may be hard for zurna. But this is not acceptable.

C. Soluk hole: Zurna at the bottom of the hole is the name of the nearest neziğe. Kara Ali explained the name of the zurnacı breathing holes. Similar to the man’s nose hole”… Sir breath. Son of Adam bread while drinking is not the nose can not breathe. Some sounds such as air from the nose will need to honk the zurna. Then this hole with your right hand fingers touch the head of the sound are deaf … I””I mete”say some of Abdal.

D. Cine-devil holes: Zurnacı right and left sides of the pipe to zoom slim holes were opened in the name of gin or give the devil hole. This hole is not known what the job injuries. Kara Ali name to get the zurnacı genie said air holes.

E. Zurna pipe: Zurna is the sound of a large mouth. Pipe
edges and the upper part usually is of silver. Cura two pipes, a big hole is found in three of the devil.

F. Air return: Zurna is the name given to the hole. Above that from seven holes, four right-hand, the remaining three to the left hand rule.

G. Of cheek: Etem’e spent değirmi is a tool. Wood, bone and metal can be made from. Sometimes the edges are chipped. The scapula of sheep is far from cheek. To prevent escape to the outside air is the major factor. Four types according to size and the volume is zurna.

1. Kaba Zurna
2. Middle Zurna
3. Cura Zurna
4. Zil Zurna.


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