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Posted by Kuleva on June 16, 2009

Mey, music is the name given to the althorn. But is not too old to go to our dictionary, Kamus-ı in Turkish means even rastlanmamıştır instruments. Already Gazimihal’de, T.D.K. in 1929 this word in dictionary, and that he provided lügatlarımız, such as is found in traces in ferhenk and has said kamus. Currently T.D.K. Do the dictionary, as incomplete and incorrect description is as follows:”Eastern Anatolia, a type used in small zurna. “pressed in recent years in the music encyclopedias and dictionaries,” which is used in folk music instruments “such as incomplete descriptions are available.

Etymologic Gazimihal as mait stopped on the word is. “Pharaoh of Mısır’ından relief has formally named in that first mayıt’tı age, but many centuries later and has been forgotten. Mayıt Me and the words of its morphology are open, just” diyerek, Saygun’s opinion was that participation . However, this explanation is the two contradictions: First, according to the claim for many years Gazimihal’in forget how an instrument is also the name is me in Kars. Second, this instrument in the name of Egypt mayıt relief, not as late as is mait. Close to our Turkish mey baktığımızda words: “Me to, melting and flowing. To Me: What (Kars).

May: Water arc, water as a media pass.
Music to study up on the concept of Do we need to put the relationship with bittern. Balaban, a wind instrument as in many countries in Asia are used to love. This instrument, as physiological and sound is very similar to mey. Balaban meaning of words in Turkish; big bodied man or animals, drums, clapper, playing bear, bittern is a bird, and drums. Kazakh-Kyrgyz and Asia in Kazan Turkish drum means husband is seen as the bittern. The Russian İslavca, Ruten, Bulgarians, Serbs, Croats baraban to drum is in Polish. East of Erzurum, which mey andıran reed instruments played with the drum is always the bittern baraban’dan name”r> l”change, consider where you are with.

Maragha nayçe-i balaban’ının of Abdülkadir today bittern is used, and mey are not suspected of any. However, some changes name nayçe-i bittern has suffered. Bittern residents in some areas, Belma’s balaman, YaST bittern, nay using name to this instrument until today live. In Turkey, received mey name. The reason for the name of this instrument it mey be in talks with local artists, but it did not get many results. According to some mey; gentle means, and this name is due to volume softness. According to some personal meaning. Be used immediately and the human story is to give a sense of loveliness, the loveliness of drink mey name, and therefore become synonymous with the instrument are given. To distinguish from what is said”Do”which was given its name.

According to us, nay Mey name-i-i bittern bittern or the name today reflects nayçe. Persian is known for “diversity”is the additional reduction. Nay nada’dan in the old Persian language is a word derivative. Nada’nın meaning is the cane. Nay what has become our language.”Ney, Persian nay word”muhaffefidir. Mey played a reed instrument with is and the rod to the instrument characteristics is given. Nay’ın meaning is the cane. Most likely, mey word in our language, nay from the entering been separated from what you have entered for a word. ‘Cause what, Classical Turkish music is being used in an instrument that is. the people of Mey Our music is used. Maybe they want to be highlighted was this discrimination. For example, with the name used mey nay are currently in Armenia. Also in Gaziantep, Erzurum market for nay called and it is known that the presence of mey body.

Mey, gained popularity in Asia, fundamental, not subject to much change is a very old instrument. Similar, except Turkey still Azerbaijan, Georgia, Dagestan, Armenia, Iran, China, Japan and Korea for use in countries such as tadır in various names.

Date before the site went up, we are seeing”kamışlı instruments. It’s also the reason, the rod of my own self, unlike the bone flute made from easily breakable materials it may be.

We are the oldest instruments Kamışlı about the Hellenistic period findings Mısır’ına aittir. Mait is called for”Kamışlı pipe. In the fourth dynasty and the long and short types to encounter. They probably like modern double-reed oboe is played with”.

Mait, was known as monaulos. Mey and similar instruments found among the ruins of Egypt”Helenistic age that show similarities with monaulos. (Details of the only known ancient type). Picken British researchers, based on some sources claim is the same:”Mey’s and Azerbaijan are very similar in its reed pipe (balaman), Soviet Armenia (pipe), Georgia (duduki), Dagestan (bittern) ‘m ancient era to the last period has relations with monaulos belong. Evliya Çelebi, the bittern, the Do not doubt about that. Kars region for the eight holes of Saygun report instruments Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and is supported by the Dagestan-source instruments. Eight holes, found in the Brussels Museum belongs to the Ptolemaic Mısır’ına has monaulos’ta. Athens vase painting from the last period reproduction Wegner also mey ‘is mentioned in the last period auloi’sine similarities.

Capitoline mozaikin collotype’leri a Museum’daki, (Sallama Delle Colombe’deki) after viewing the objects represented as cane that was completely convincing. They seem to still be used, such as clamps and rod inserted into the lips of, even rod-shaped irregular shapes hickiriki’nin headers are completely different. Pipes themselves depicted in the tibia or other auloi’nin I know is close to more mey. Cane is proportional to the length of mey. Inclination towards gold by winning the review. The body of the rod tip into the joint space narrowing is very light. This mosaic, in 1824, was built in 252 by Trajanus Decius Thermae Decianae site was found. In this mosaic stilistik Pergamon (Bergama) are associated with mosaics. Cylindrical tube so that the next couple of double-reed, a period of Christianity in Anatolia, a type seen in the first century is no doubt that. Pliers and (if so) to connect both ends rather than the type Bayburt (Northeast Anatolia) as a characteristic of un mey and hiçhiriki clamps connected to end is of type”.

Various researchers in mey, zurna from an older instrument that is available about the allegations. At the type of”Zurna mey’dir”. Roller”for oboe (mey and similar instruments) of the cone loud (zurna) are older, but less common”.

This instrument belongs to the Turks, we belong to the oldest source Maragha Abdülkadir (1350? -1435) Is supposed to belong. -I, with the name of the bittern Nayçe to this instrument,”Surnaya it is similar surnayın drill, has a voice soft and sad.”Especially. After two centuries have lived in Abdülkadir in Evliya Çelebi (1611-1683) to come across a similar recognition,”Belban (or bittern, Turkmen kamışlı pipe) is Şiraz’da icad. Zurna is not similar to the ear. Turkish was used by many. Who has played 100”. In addition, the Republic of Turkey into the history of research has been neutered.

With his instruments belong mait or monaulos Helenistic Term Mısır’ına mey showing similarities, sometimes bittern, belban, nayçe-i bittern, the bittern-nay, balaman, nay, whistle, duduki, mey, Kuan, hiçkiriki, hyanpiri, etc.. names have come and live in today is a musical instrument.

Sound System
Mey, the instrument is an octave voice range. Structure, did you eat that is also the sequence of occurrence authorities.

Diatonik is an instrument. To achieve chromatic tones of the half-open hole and need the help of the lips. Open and close fingers outside İcracı half or loose lips often helps to take the chromatic tones.

Because of the tight sound of opportunity is limited transpoze in mey. Determined for each full tone is necessary to use a separate mey. Half a ton of changes or differences rod attached to the rod and throat with the help of the name is given part. But with the help of a cane on the same body, the volume up to make tons of difference to corruption.

Mey and Ana, the Central and Cura are classified in three different structural features.

Basically writing notes fa mey key should be used. In this instrument we lowpitched Folk Music, Turkish music, notes from the system (the accuracy can be discussed) left key is used because of necessity.

Gazimihal etimolojik olarak, mait kelimesi üzerinde durmuştur .”Firavunlar Mısır’ından kabartmalarda resmi var, adı o ilk çağda mayıt’tı; fakat sonradan uzun asırlar unutulmuştur. Meyi ve mayıt kelimeleri arasındaki morfoloji tıpkılığı açıktır” diyerek, Saygun’un da görüşüne katıldığını belirtmiştir. Ancak bu açıklamada iki çelişki vardır: Birincisi, Gazimihal’in iddiasına göre uzun yıllar unutulan bir çalgı nasıl oluyor da Kars’ta meyi ismiyle çıkıyor. İkincisi ise, Mısır kabartmalarında bu çalgının ismi mayıt olarak değil, mait olarak geçmektedir. Türkçemizde mey’e yakın kelimelere baktığımızda: “Meyi; eriyip akma. Meyi: Ney (Kars).


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