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Posted by Kuleva on June 12, 2009

By moving a hand or rope playing with a small baby. The largest children’s entertainment for puppet theater and puppet theater that is of course. Kukla’s history is almost as old as humankind. Children in the hands of the people part of a tree by moving it to the assumption that when the play was born from the puppet. Children playing with this baby and to talk to him since most people continue iptidai continuation. Many children in a tomb in ancient Egypt from the three or four thousand years before Christ and belongs to the tree or ivory for the baby to show it to us. Because I believe in after death Mısır’lılar they would put the baby to the grave. However, Egypt on one of relief to see the puppet play is a kuklacı puppet, which is how old antalmaktadır .. Greece is made of clay baked in the old baby was found. The Greeks are fond of the theater by establishing specific small scenes represented by puppets were given. Instead of the makeshift stage in the big theater play about the thousands of people to see these puppets in human size. These mechanisms are also very excellent understanding of the historical articles. Performing in front of a man standing holding a pipe in the mouth of the puppet with the words out loud I need sözylemesi would say. In this theater of the philosophers of the time umumiyetle political rical, the writer and poet is to imitate them and mock the people fun.

Turks are not seen very good dine on screen rather than a dream mücessem by clipping the skin göstermeği and choose to represent the action of the game is quite time in Turkey could not be willful puppet.

XVIII puppet to play in Turkey. It is estimated that after a century. These are hand puppets. Italy came from this style of puppet play was played on the streets. On the back of folded cloth with a screen and neck strap hanging with a small chest, though the neighborhoods around kuklacı your mouth keep in a multilingual düdükle a crack sound in the street passes, and the house was called a few minutes in this screen set up and the mouth düdükle song continues to fund the puppets from the off screen at the top of the edge shenanigans of the show was started.

Big-nosed, big-headed, big-eyed, which to the Italians, the puppet parody of the Black or Ibis Polliçinellosunu were compiled. The name of the father or father Noah is Ruhi that was later de Beberuhi. The ibis is the French equivalent polişineline, but he does not like her arkasaında or hunch in front, just at the beginning of the nose is big and a long tasseled fez has a long fringe that act as the long fırıl fırıl back. He is in the hands, such as Garp polişineli everyone with a long stick döğer. For example, with the Albanians against the tyrant in a pass for a scene.

Albanian “Tuna is also unbeaten in the cloth, Ha mori mori” They are shaking in fear as the ibis “bırrrrrr” They will emulate the Albanians. Unbosom Albanians love with the daughter of the master of the ibis, and tells him it is al. There can not be explained ibis course, let go I get stopped in der and expenses. Then you slowly get a beating by the girl and kill as pastes and Albanians. Asks the dead and is not near death, do not get the answer you understand death and the fear runs. Albanian side of the curtain hangs. It comes during the clergy, heads hit each other, and the prayers that will remove the dead. Then the gendarmes come to capture the ibis, ibis Patak them a good and justice in the meantime, representing the monster came and caught the nose of ibis and shout shout takes. The hairy monster and a horned circle is created. Greeks say that beans on ibis. It is time for the Greek ekserisi of kuklacı some were playing as a Greek in the Greek neighborhood.

Weddings in the morning juggler juggling skills, showing Jews do before games against ateşbazî used to play dummy. This game of Karagöz puppet parody of it was not another thing.

Later started playing puppet with strings. Immediately set up a stage illusionist with colored cloth and the back stress in the rope connected to the switches and the puppet on the floor of the chamber to move through the game were shown. But of course not alone in this puppet antics of relevance to mention rude awakening, and was more than nisbetsiz baby. As with hand puppets from them in the middle game Karagöz and ibis makes the role Kavuklu to talk to people from various racial, ridicule them and stick in the hands of the common people of the best beat would laugh.

Games thrashing by the ibis umumiyetle killed by the prayer read by a person to be removed two priests and a bogey during the alelacaip to come and capture the ibis, the bit would take shout shout.

Corded in the puppet play of the Jews prestidigitator donkeys, camels and the like are shown in figures from the regulator and play def and ringing with the songs is said was that Cengiz play.

The other place in the mall, such as Kagithane Göksuyu the puppet play of gypsies had. These are the four corners of two or four wooden chairs were stacked on top and bounce back as the baby was only to play. A violinist to accompany ekseriye this kuklacı when playing the violin ederve that attach to the ropes kuklacı to take the finger by a baby have been spent on translating amud miles and the bounce sing.

The ropes that connect the fingers pull Kuklacı bars with them and would jump back and. At the same time and in the hands of a Kuklacı def sing while playing alongside the other instruments and a violin player or kemençe was. Losing half a century since the demand for this puppet out of the middle and was left on the street kuklacı.

Until half a century before turkey puppet in this matter was nevin. He referred to above during the Thomas Holden of the British kuklacı to Istanbul and famous by the name of one of the puppet is the first time over the next Beyoðlu have the Tokatlıyan Hotel in the French theatrical representations were given.

Big theater scene in the scene played on a smaller and fifty sixty centimeters long so that people acting like puppets and of course, and we are walking, running, playing muzika, do acrobatics and pantomime was played. but almost no word from them was like. All movements of the puppets were given importance.

He does not have time for more power ziya scene lights are provided with air gas and oxygen to give rather than against the carboniferous reflectors cataplasm something kullanılıyordu.Böyle be seen clearly that the people became a fan of the puppet stage. At the end of the elders of the landscape represented a paradise and the excitement of leaving even that was very amazed that this scene was repeated many come to see. This stage was passed as follows;

Beautiful music in front to open the curtains behind a net curtain in the visible and on the back of the stamp and colored with bright metallic paper is weird and strange flowers tezyinat with kadartül twenty-thirty curtain opens doubled the naked girls and winged angels in the dödükleri slowly and at this time from the back of the stage from a gold in the sun rise and fall as water begins to flow up to the front of the stage to şarılda foams come in to şarılda representation that is seen and thus was finally given.

İstanbul’da this puppet was one temaşa events. Everyone is wondering how this is playing and the piano was like machines that think.

To understand Holden cannabis does not bring anyone to the scene and removed the baby and thought the game after tekmil put in as a permanent inside the keeper was waiting.

After a while Holden’den harmonica-ı Humayun called Dolmabahce Palace, and now the top technical universities in building a house that had a Conservatory in the establishment of this task to the sultan orchestra, band, theater, middle game, the Mediterranean, such as entertainment, and organized a banquet in the palace to play muzika. There are employees at the same time and Harbiye military telakki related to custody, and a harmonica-ı Humayun head behalf of the administration under the military had paşa. Most of these artists in the ranks zabit orchestra, band, theater, and everyone is so divided into branches of specialization within their own would work. In fact, they are busy with the decency of the great specialist in alien country were also brought. Ere were also here and muallimlik famous musikişinas Donizetti Paşa title were given to him.

This delegation includes the name of a musical that Halim Bey palace theater with representation in the peace-u humayunda funny Naşid would give. Halim Bey had a room in the barracks. He set up in this room as a puppet stage that babies have a long rehearsal period and has been succeed to play like Holden. a night scene in Bey Star Theater in state court to set up this puppet play Abdulhamt’in was before.

As the number of Holden had a skeleton game. Is a skeleton on stage, dancing, and the scattered bones were collected again. Was a momentous event in the meantime. I love watching one of the sultan was small. On top of this bustle has quit the theater and again Abdulhamit Halim Be not called a palace.

Now, the ban was puppet. Such a visit and hope to inkisar-i imagine the reward, and to advance the non-Halim Bey Mazhar self-study in the room began to withdraw. Finally, the puppet with harmonica and out-of humayundan resigned to show enthusiasm in the public temaşa fell. Here is the first time in Turkey in such corded puppet was thus rise


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