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Posted by Kuleva on June 12, 2009

One of the most important branch of traditional Turkish theater, and likened the Meddah animations by taking advantage of the elements is the art of storytelling. As the subject of stories told Meddah ilşikili people from various ethnic groups, people of different age and type, animals, machines and nature of events makes imitation. A handkerchief in his hand a stick and shoulder are the large. Meddah stick to stomp the viewers’ attention on the ball and us, my friend right, I was wrong, an apprentice bought my next home, do not shop Külhani invested in, fired if he does not fall my chances are polite çarşafsız in income deposit, Hasan peace from the master to apprentice severe donkey took from the market risk donkey came was cracked from consideration, donkeys output deposited in the forest of donkeys from the grave of Christ, our apprentice külhan collect the deposit on the hırtıyı pırtı time … I started evailde game starts by saying that stereotypes to rhyme. Stick the gun, broom, at vs. as an accessory use instead. Various ethnic groups and with tissues of the clothing of people from various professions, to mimic the title, for example during zenne taklidi handkerchief scarf would be a function of the tissue to assist in removing the sound is different. Meddah, after highlighting lessons to be removed from the story: “This parable is a magazine has been signed to the edges, we say we’ve seen. Chat to see Saki never left. Although the language of slip-i affola, hopefully next time will tell a better story, “he said ties, the story left to the responsibility of the source and apologize, the name of the next story, to tell time, indicating the place and the last gives Meddah show.

In Istanbul and Anatolia Meddah of Evliya Çelebi describes, in a number of them in Istanbul, 80, 75 are in Bursa, Malatya is in the prom, also show me they are doing. This gives information about the foreign sources are available. One of them is to tell the story of Meddah in 18i next century as a source of official state news service and a sort of decisions are transferred as a newspaper that is interesting to specify.

Meddah, gin, as in fairy tales, fairies, giant doğadışı type of creature, as in epic superhuman power given to the hero does not, as in the public hikâyecilik eşliğinde instrument does not say, the hero of the accent is imitated by doing animation. These stories were spread to the villages surrounding the city are different from people around the story of the goods, palaces, the mansions, the 16th Starting the end of the century are described in the coffeehouse. 17. After centuries of urban issues, especially affecting daily life in Istanbul is. Expression of this last term Meddah story with public speaking, semi-literate middle class to speak of the preciousness combine. Until today has not reached a very old story Meddah. However, some of these issues in Şehname, between hero Hz. Ali, Hz. Hamza, Battal Gazi etc.. ‘Where the religious and historical heroic adventure is known to transfer. 16. century, the author of Mesnevi Gülşah Varka and this is the story of Yusuf-i Meddah audience of readers in the face that defines a Meddah. 16. 3rd century Murat’s palace itself before the story about the transfer Meddah Entertainment was named. Poets on the new stories to the Sultan asked Cenani, beda took pen ul-hang of his work. This works in that period in the life of the people is expressed, to promenade, to the neighborhood raids, caravans and boats were revived images of the journey. In this century Vahdi’nin Coach Abdürrauf (Anabacı story) has become famous among the people. 17. together with coffee growing Meddah century Istanbul, Bursa, Erzurum, in cities such as Maraş tell stories of the artists were reproduced. In Bursa, in a coffee shop in November 1616 and Bedi listen to his stories of the community that supports the two heroes were divided into two groups, to discuss the poet rather, the narrator is named Saçakcızade killed. In this century patriarch of the so-called Gene and stories Meddah 4th Murat’s palace described in the previous Tıfli completely different, had to form new ones. These are among the heroes he were with the Sultan. Hançerli Tıfli’nin Hanım, marten Mustang, such as Bloody Bektaş issues in a common pattern varies according to the story will fall into a barrel, the lad entered the Sultan to get rid of the joint owner will be punished in heavy women. This period, such as gene translation Meddah story also Tayyarzade Çelebi 17th with realistic tracks century in Istanbul life is reminiscent of this story. Of different races who speak with different accent, people from cities and community sector relationships with each other, a large amount of Meddah story.


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