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Posted by Kuleva on June 12, 2009

Karagöz; camel or buffalo skin, and the name of the depicted people, animals or goods, and from behind as attached to the bars of light that moves on the screen based on shadow game. Per person with the name of the game is in Karagöz.


Southeast Asian countries as the source of the shadow game is considered. About developments in Turkey and there are different opinions. People who live with Karagöz Hacivat is also about the stories we have described. The most famous of these, Karagöz and Hacivat the time of Sultan Orhan in Bursa Ulu Mosque in the master’s construction works as they often leave the job and making jokes, employees follow them and not the progress of construction, see the status of the Sultan Orhan Karagöz and Hacivat as is, then regret that one of the named Sheikh Kuster and Hacivat Karagöz’s pictures do not light from behind a curtain and the play is in the same way.

Our own sense of humor, our taste in art and aesthetics that are formatted according to our understanding and development Karagöz shadow play 18.yy. from the people has become one of the most popular types of entertainment. Karagöz artists trained by masters apprentice relationship in the entertainment palaces, and mansions in the coffee started to make the show. 19.yy. this case ‘has lasted until the middle. Come to our countries of the European theater, social and economic changes due 19.yy. ‘s began to decrease since the end of interest to Karagöz. Although very small number of artists today, this art of Karagöz are trying to live. Karagöz is played depending on the capabilities of a single artist. Curtain of the move to portray different types of voice, accent and imitated by all of an artist. Besides, the two artists to help him has helped.

Items to be funny in front of Karagöz issues are handled. Double meanings, exaggeration and word games, oral mimic elements of humor are key.

Karagöz is composed of four parts. Before the game starts to shutter the image is placed false name. To prepare for this audience and the game will be made to arouse curiosity. Pious “Nareke” name is lifted with the game is a hoot.

1 – by saying Hacivat semaine curtain’s come to the screen after you read the lyric, and is called the Karagöz Hacivat Karagöz’s fight with the input section is Mukaddime. In this section, the said scenes Hacivat a learning tool and lyric of the game as indicated by the indicator of real philosophical, mystical meaning is highlighted.

2 – Muhavere section, the beginning of the game with people Hacivat between Karagöz and events based on the only question was grazed by a concrete series of bilateral conversations are customized. May be in the form of Muhavere rigmarole. In this part of the personality traits and the opposition of Karagöz and Hacivat are highlighted. As the game can be related to Muhavere may be irrelevant.

3 – Actually, the story is told, the other types come to this section of the screen are called chapters. The game here is by topic name. Players are separated from the end of Chapter Curtain, Hacivat and Karagöz remain.

4 – End of game is the end of the chapter of the report. In this section, with Karagöz and Hacivat misunderstanding of the game because of the jokes from the audience do apologize to the next game’s announcement.

The game starts and people Hacivat’tır Karagöz. Other types saltless, Celebi, Matiz, Tiryaki, Beberuhi, Albanians, Jews, Kurds, Laz, etc. Zenne.

KARAGÖZ: speech and behavior, although rough representatives of public morality and common sense is. Straight as a die, is an honest person.

Hacivat: Medresesi studied, appropriate behavior in order to exhibit a personality. Draws attention to poetic and literary conversation.

ÇELEBİ: Ottoman period, education, represents the type of polite society.

Matiz: Continuous alcohol represents a personality.

Saltless: Kabadayı represents a personality.

BEBERUHİ: Behavioral characteristics of children and half is a type.

ZENNE: The game is called in women. Each game is a different type of animation.

TİRYAKİ: Continuous opium-drinking, sleeping represents a personality.

Albanian, Persian, Greek, Jews: Ottoman Empire, who live in their own name representing the type of the minority are.

LAZ, KAYSERI with RUMELİLİ, EFE, ZEYBEK: Ottoman Empire created a regional type of people are. Speaking with the local features reflect.

Karagöz’s technique:

Karagöz is playing the white curtain of the “mirror” is called. Curtains previously 2 × 2.5 m. 110 × 80 cm, while later. ebatında has been made. Established under the Internal side curtain “behind the board” is. In the game out of this bell, tambourine, reed, nareke (pipe), the curtain is to light oil lamp and bulb.

Tasvir Construction:

The people and shapes Karagöz leather made from the game depicted, by name, or figures are given as animated as.

Plate glass with leather imagery techniques are transparent because the camel, heifer, at, and is made from donkey skin.

On the basis of a good skin Tasvirler construction is labor. Prepared to depict the skin, the depiction of the size of a pair of scissors cut the skin is moistened by gardeners for a while will be held under rough paper. The skin is then placed on moistened by using India ink to draw with pencil rapido. Outside the cutting line of scissors where the emboss pattern is prepared flat. Prepared mold “nevregan” are called large and small are working with various size of the special cutting knife. A piece of wood from linden trees Nevreganlama process is done on. By opening holes of various sizes Nevreganla depicted is processed. Leather is no longer the clear double-sided flat nevreganla. This process is complete, the skin (to be drawn and filed by the tree by pushing interrupted) with the glass part of the opening hole towards closing the holes might be temizlenir.Tasvirler carefully painted the colors to get madder also called natural additives (the pomegranate sorbet, honey, wood shells, walnut shell etc..) is used. Besides, India ink is used and the school colors. Double-sided painted imagery, and with Indian ink painting process is completed by the contour. Then stick to attach the holes of the “flower punch” with which the instruments are called del button on the vertical part of the skin is made. The prepared parts to each other “pit floor” is called with a special surgical threads are combined by using the connect method. Incurvation when depicted, lest some time bending pressure is maintained.


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