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Folk Dance

Posted by Kuleva on June 12, 2009

Turkish Folk Dance, Turkish folklore is one of the important components. Play games and the local towns and villages in the local costumes viewing is a branch of science. Turkey is also a specific and new development is the art.

Turkish folk dance form the basis of folklore. This is why Folklor, Halk oyunları means are used. However, this definition is wrong. Folklore of all peoples culture (food, legends, folk, etc..) Is a term covering. Local dance and wear to cover only Halkoyunları is a part.

Turkish folk dances in the world in terms of variety and scope of attention is one of the folkloric phenomenon. However, Turkish Folk Dance compilation still has not been completed. But work is ongoing. All villages have their own games and economic conditions makes it difficult.

Turkey, in terms of folk dance is like a labolatuvar. Turkey, determined in villages on the world with the 4000 games in the richest countries with the game character is defined as. Because Turkey is a cradle of culture and civilization, in separate games in almost every region, are encountered in different clothes and different music. This is an indicator of wealth in this area of the country.

People’s games from the other arts as distinct from its community with the original characters, members of the common feelings and thoughts that exhibits the behavior, according to another only beautiful, but the person who interested themselves in the light of the world feature is a cultural identity.

People’s Games hosted by the melody, rhythm and movement in the structure with the individual’s physical and mental development is an important factor as we go. The advantage of playing together with the person to fuse together to move, to share and express themselves to the teaching of folk dances of this feature based, applicable to events of our country’s individual development of people as well as social development are also provided to contribute.

Turkish Folk Dance Types

In general, the types of Turkish folk dances are as follows:

Horada Region; Thrace.
Zeybeği Region, consists of four sub-groups. As a rule, 9-time and are limping ritmli game.
Actually Zeybeği Region, Aegean, South Marmara, İçbatı Anatolia.
Teke Zeybeği Region, Lakes Region, Western Mediterranean.
Scoop with Zeybeği Region South Marmara and western Black Sea, Anatolia and the surrounding İçbatı. In this region, the ritual has played regular games in mutual rastlanmaktadır (Zonguldak, Karabük, as in).
Scoop Games Zone; Konya Department and Eastern Mediterranean Sea environment.
Horon Region, Middle and Eastern Black Sea.
Halay Region, consists of three sub-sections.
Halay in Bozkır: Central Anatolia in the East
Halay in East: East and Southeast Regions
Of Çukurova Halay: Çukurova environment.
Bar Area, Northeast Anatolia.
Caucasus Region, Northeast Anatolia.


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