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Central Game (Orta Oyunu)

Posted by Kuleva on June 12, 2009

Today, the 19th known format century has in the back rather go to the beginning. Anatolian Seljuk period in the presence of dialogue based on the game known as çalgılı in the Ottoman era, dance, mimic with ridiculous game was especially popular in big cities. Initially, the game occurs, referred to with names such as the Middle game arms game format, the 19th son century, more rise in the arm (post-emerging game) is a recognized name.

Middle game is an open play area, play areas have been closed according to the season. Palanga area called Central game will be in the form of circles or ellipses, while viewers were around this area. Game of the picket rope stress is determined, the audience immediately in front of a corner of the instrument teams would take place. Central game in the main scene, which symbolizes the new world and home to try two or three wings, grilled with a shop front two wings symbolizing a smaller screen and a chair was arkalıksız. Players are called lumber room in the locker room on one side and let out a small area in the range used.

Sections of the Middle Game
Classics in the Middle game similar Karagöz game input (Mukaddime), mutual speech (muhavere), consists of chapters and sections would end. In the field before the game with two main types of instruments is one of the Pişekâr enters the number of musician starts with a short speech after zurnacı, started the show by saying the name of the game. The second main type of the gene Kavuklu started to enter the field with instruments of dialogue in itself was divided into two. Meet with each other resulting in the emergence Pişekâr with Kavuklu the first section was an arzbâr name. After that Kavuklu’s dream is finally emerging tell a story of the nursery rhyme came. The original game’s interest in games such as Black non-dialogue sections were intended to warm up to show viewers. Actually, the game included in the chapter section will remain constant Kavuklu, depending on the stage of the game with the various types of speech used to make laughing. In this section, the area from time to time by Pişekâr or new types of games or Kavuklu will meet with the direction of flow. Node in games are usually drunk as Karagöz type of game it was resolved to cıkmasıyla. Very short in the end Kavuklu and mutual Pişekâr say a few words after Pişekâr’in find the end of the game to explain, that process resulting from the defect to apologize the next game’s name, place and time to explain the game ends, Kavuklu and Pişekâr accompanied by music from the area were removed.

People of the Middle Game
All types of games in the middle of the game types are as Karagöz. But the possibility is shown in Black screen with the supernatural creatures, animals, boat, car as passenger vehicles are not included in the Middle game. There are two main heroes. cultural pişekâr is Arabic, Persian words are spoken. misunderstand it as a ridiculous kavuklu reveals. Women, men play the role that it is Zenne. Central Black Sea with the game, Rumelili, Kayseri with the Armenians, Greeks, Jews, drunk, etc. Guard. and appearance with your own accent to the rich diversity of types of main types of games that sahiptir.Orta with Pişekâr is the same Kavuklu Hacivat and Karagöz’s character. But they are people alive Kavuklu with Pişekâr words with body movements, are capable of enhancing the face with mimik. More difficult to stay connected to the text Karagöz game players in the middle of the game can flow changes in the text according to the new jokes produced.

After changing the Republic of art that do not comply, could not cope with the increasingly widespread gradually becoming modern theater tend to disappear from the middle game of this tradition grew the last player to death Dümbüllü’nün Ismail (1973) to date have been mixed.

Middle game, and around the stage as the audience in an area surrounded by a game is played. This game is similar in many ways, Karagöz.

Middle of the Game Features:
* Is the people’s common goods.
* Written based on a text does not talk to players is through improvisation.
* Mutual to speech, speech is based on imitation.
* Games will be given to the music.
* Decoration not a few.
* Basic Kavuklu’dur with people Pişekâr. (PISA-profit, Hacivat’s the amount of Kavuklu Karagöz.)
* In the game, people are different from the environment and the nation.
* Central game as a Karagöz play “beginning”, “muhavere”, “chapters”, “end” section consists of


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