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Turkish Miniature Art

Posted by Kuleva on June 9, 2009

Western languages, an object’s small size of the sample indicating the “Miniature” word, a term used for when the book became official. Former Turkish official sources for the book “Embroidery”, “description”; miniature painter for “NAKKAŞ”, “Musavvar” will include words such as. As official art for the very popular book “Miniature” is used where we give to these words.

8. and 9 century in the region belong to Hoço and Turfa, of Bezen, Uygur centers such as Sorçug came today between examples of Turkish painting, wall painting, and miniature figures include the addition of processing. Turks accepted Islam from the previous board in writing that belongs to the miniature, the prince and princess with Uygur Uygur Mani and will animate the priest. Various cultures and religions to be effective in an environment very rich style, and this miniature vary. 13th Turkish miniature art century until the later examples, showing the development unfortunately, has lost out.

A love story with Gülşah Varka and 13th century painting of the most beautiful examples of Seljuk period. Writing, Hoy’dan came and settled in Konya as a family are pictured by Abdul Mumin. Representing the type minyaturlerindeki Gülşah Türk Varka and figures, and ceramic tiles in the Great Seljuk Empire period shows strong similarity with the figures. The first miniature, with shops in a market with a variety of stories passed adeta of the environment has been presented. Love and grief in the tent of Gülşah’s show gained Varka’ya remaining space to lean the art of figure scenes, decorative motifs of plants and animals fill. Two riders in the fight scenes where the floor is filled entirely with arabesque. Decorated in this way to the floor, find the most minyaturlerinin Great Seljuk period. Despite this heavy ornamentation, the composition of thin long rectangular building is very plain.

Another day has come to our work from the Seljuk period, the writing in Aksaray 1271’de Sultan of the Seljuks by the Sivas with Nasreddin III. Astrology Kitabı’dır offered a Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev’e (Paris, Bib. Nat., P.174). In addition to the motif from the East and light shading contour minyaturlerdeki powerful, artists have recognized the Byzantine minyaturlerini göstermektedir.


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