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Turkish Illumination Art

Posted by Kuleva on June 9, 2009

Is an old decorative art. In Arabic the word “altınlama, gild the” means. Not only with gold paint, but also to illuminate. Write more books pages, line the edges of plates are used in decorations.

Much of the past to illuminate the Uygur Turks extends. Between the spread of religious mania is 9th Uygur were also seen in centuries illuminate art. During this period, also illuminate the Islamic countries was a common art. Brought to Anatolia by the Seljuk and Ottoman period of time illuminate lived most advanced. 15. In Egypt, a separate style in the century Mameluke artists have developed the same period in Iran and then the sovereign people Timur Herat, Hive, Bukhara, Samarkand, such as the center has made great developments in art illuminate.

Iran illuminate then developed Herat’ta style greatly influenced the art. Ottoman artists in 15th-16th relations with Iran for centuries as a result of increased production use in many features of the Herat School has created a new synthesizers. 18. century tend to decline in the Ottoman illuminate art, classical motifs has started to take the rough decorations. 19. century, almost every field of art embracing the western influence is reflected to illuminate, for example, in the classical period as one of the flower vase motifs, can be seen in bouquets in flowerpots olmuştur.

The west in the east as well as illuminate the application is an art space was found. Especially ortaçağda Hıristiyanlık’ın sacred texts, prayer books were used extensively in decorations. But over time, the book also has pictures out, prank letters illuminate limited to only the title remained in the large.

Illumination is the basic material gold or paint. Gold, was beaten into a thin layer is used as the foil. Gold foil in the water is mixed gels were crushed to a certain degree of maturity will bring. Paint was usually chosen from ocher. Later, synthetic dyes are used. Illumination artist (müzehhip) draw on a sheet of paper that the motive or the box before a hard stand on top of zinc needles by putting them in line with the point. Then put it on the ground to implement the paper holes of the hole is filled with a sticky black dust. Perforated paper is removed, the application of the motive is deemed to be ground out. These motifs with gold or paint well filled with prominent illuminate its effect is.


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